Society Club

Are you looking for an alterative to Facebook and it's disturbing privacy policies? 

Perhaps The Society Club is for you. 

The Society Club is going to be an exclusive social society for those who want a better social networking experience.

Here are some of the highlights of what the Society Club will be all about:

A Society Club membership will be by invitation only, during our launch a few exclusive people will be invited to be Society Club founding members. These founding members will be able to invite other members.  Memberships will also be limited to a yet to be determined number and only increased by a certain amount each year. Membership will be truly exclusive. 

If you are interested in being a founding member and enjoying the privileges that come with it, please send an email to

Keep in mind that we are looking for successful and influential people to be founding members. The Society Club will be an ad free social network, as such it will also be a paid  membership social network. We will also not share any of you personal data with anyone.  We are looking for the type of people who don't mind paying for the convienence of an ad free experience and having your personal information kept private. If you feel like you should not have to pay to use a social network, you are probably not Society Club material. The cost of membership has yet to me determined. 

Membership will include special privileges with high end retailers & restaurants to provide perks you will find nowhere else. 

If you are interested in becoming a Society Club member or want more information please send an email to