What is a Stainless Steel Wallet?


 Stainless Steel Wallets are made from an incredibly durable stainless-steel thread that is used in many other fields including the aerospace and the medical profession. Although the material is 1/3 the thickness of paper, it is amazingly strong and durable. These Steel Wallets have a distinct silky feel to them and are really quite attractive looking.

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The primary reason these wallets are becoming so popular today and in the future, is that the stainless steel material blocks all RFID radio frequency signals. Credit Cards are rapidly becoming equipped with RFID chips embedded in them. In a traditional leather wallet, someone with a RFID capturing device could compromise your credit card information without you ever knowing it. These Stainless Steel Wallets block all the RFID waves and keep your personal information safe and secure!

While a Steel Wallet may cost a little more, they will last several times longer than a traditional wallet and keep all your private information safe. In the near future many if not most credit cards will be equipped with RFID chips, so owning a stainless steel wallet will become a necessity rather than a luxury. These Steel Wallets are resistant to corrosion from such things as salts, acids  and even seawater.

Beautiful to look at, silky to the touch, long lasting and a protector of all your personal information. You can't go wrong with a Stainless Steel Wallet. It makes for a great gift idea for the techie who has everything.

  1. Made with Stainless Steel thread used in medicine & aerospace
  2. Ultra-thin & Ultra-durable
  3. RFID Blocking to prevent ID theft
  4. Attractive Looking and Silky to the touch
  5. Maybe the last Wallet you will ever need!