Spring Break 2010  


Barbados Spring Break 2010!

spring break barbadosAn excellent choice for your 2010 spring break - Barbados has a population 256,000, the locals are all very friendly and are fun loving folks who really know how to party! Spring Break Barbados nights are like nothing you have ever seen. There are many nightclubs and bars on the island, Harbour Lights is a very popular party spot. It was used to be an 18th century pirate barracks but has been converted into an outdoor nightclub that has Spring Break parties almost every night. Most of the parties are all you can drink.

Most of The Hotels in Barbados are within walking distance of the beaches, restaurants and clubs. It is also easy to reach secluded areas just in case you need to get a little privacy for a while. If you shop around you will find some excellent travel deals and vacation packages in Barbados.

From the posh West Coast to the wild South Coast, Barbados Spring Break has some very different crowds on each coastline. Whatever your choice and wherever you choose to stay, all of the island's sites and sounds are within easy access on this 21-mile-long island.

The western shores of Barbados are populated with coral reefs and ship wrecks, making it great for deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, & snorkeling. The beaches are ideal for hanging out on the white sandy shores or drinking an ice cold beer or maybe Rum and Coke in the beautiful blue waters.

"The Gap" AKA The St. Lawrence Gap is the hot spot for south coast nightlife. It is has several restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs such as Club Xtreme, the Caribbean’s most advanced indoor nightclub. There is also The Ship Inn, an indoor/outdoor club that features some of the Caribbean’s best live bands. Many of the clubs in "The Gap" offer live entertainment where bands perform great music of every kind, including – calypso, reggae, R&B, blues, jazz and rock

Spring Break in Barbados has fantastic surfing. Every year, Barbados holds it's annual international surfing competition in Bathsheeba, a beach on the east coast.

Spring Break in Barbados is unlike any other destination in the world. It is not overcrowded with other students and is has many people of various cultures. Travellers come to Barbados to see the most pristine yet lively and developed island in the Caribbean. Probably the best choice for your sping break - Barbados.

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