Spring Break 2010  


Lake Havasu Spring Break 2010!

lake havasu spring breakWhat is Spring Break at Lake Havasu? Well, students from all over the southwestern United States have found a great new Spring Break location that's as good as anything found south of the border. Bikinis, boats, and booze come together and are taken to new levels next to the Colorado River to create a wild experience at your Lake Havasu Spring Break.  You will spend some warm, sunny days  on a large houseboat boat filled with friends and fellow spring breakers. With all you can drink, beautiful people, and lots of music to get the party going. Now add 20 or 30 more boats tied together and doing the same thing in a small cove, far away from everyone and everything else. This is a typical Spring Break day on the waters of Lake Havasu. Tiny bikinis, plenty of fellow Spring Breakers, and the calm waters of Lake Havasu are a great mix that can bring thousands to Lake Havase in the desert each spring. But the daytime action on the water is not the end of the party, the town of Lake Havasu also has a small but very happening party scene on dry land once the sun has set.

A Lake Havasu Spring Break may be just what you've been missing. It is just 10 miles from the California border,  along the so-called western coast of Arizona is the town of Lake Havasu.   Also known to locals as the 'Arizona Riviera,' you'll find more than 45 miles of lake shoreline and tiny coves tucked around this place. The scenery is awesome with the Chemehuevi Mountains present in the background. But you'll be glad to know, it's not the view that makes a Lake Havasu Spring Break so memorable. Lake Havasu City is easily found in the southwestern part of Arizona. It is just 160 miles south of Las Vegas and 210 miles east of Palm Springs. If you are driving, you'll want to take Interstate 95 south from Vegas and Interstate 10 from Palm Springs. You can find a number of good maps for Lake Havasu here.

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