Spring Break 2010  


South Padre Island Spring Break 2010!

South Padre Spring BreakA South Padre Island Spring Break is a short half hour drive to Mexico and is deep in the Southern part of Texas where you will find the small island of South Padre. This is one of the Premier Spring Break Destinations in 2010. With it's warm ocean waters, tons of water sports, and a quarter millions students on the way, it makes South Padre Island one of the top Spring Break Destinations. The 25 miles of beach along the southern end of Padre Island is where to find the most active and and wildest Spring Breaks you will ever see. There are plenty of great clubs and bars to keep the party going after the sun sets.

In South Padrethey how to keep the party going! With the that many Spring Breakers coming into this town, it's not uncommon for entire bars and hotels to become central Spring Break Locations. The entire whole island can feel like one big Spring Break party.

You will not regret choosing South Padre Island as your Spring Break Destination in 2010. Cheap South PadreDuring your South Padre Spring Break, you can will find warm days and cool nights. The water may be a bit cold, but it does not stop most people from jumping in. If you look around, you will find some great South Padre spring break package deals. South Padre has some of great hotels and they may offer some cheap South Padre spring break packages as well.

Most of the crowd at South Padre are Texas students who have made this island so popular. If you are driving to South Padre from San Antonio, take Inerstate 37 South to U.S. 77/83, which connects to Harlingen, McAllen, and Corpus Christi. Then take Tex. 100 East to Port Isabel and cross the Queen Isabella Causeway to South Padre Spring BreakIsland. Watch out for speed traps on Texas Highway 100. Student have reported getting stopped along this road for doing a mile or two per hour over the speed limit. DO NOT SPEED ON TEXAS HIGHWAY 100.

Parking and traffic congestion are major issues during Spring Break. Plan on walking or bring a bike or something because you will not be driving anywhere. And you will see plenty of the local cops in the streets.

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